Thursday, June 16, 2011

ZPUino BETA to be released

Yes, that's true!

ZPUino 1st BETA will be release hopefully during this weekend. I won't disclose all details until then, but here's a quick overview:

  • Wishbone compatible. You can connect any wishbone-compliant core to the IO module

  • Improved bootloader and programmer, with a lot of sanity checks.

  • A new Papilio One core for S3E500, with HQVGA(160x120, 8-bit color) support

  • A new S3ESK core, with a HQVGA 8-bit color (but reduced to 3-bit due to no board support)

  • SmallFS - a simple-to-use, small filesystem on flash

  • A new library: VGA, to work with the new cores

  • Full (yes, full) Microsoft Windows Support (subject to testing, of course!)

  • An optional preliminary IDE based on upcoming Arduino 1.0 release

  • Lots of bugfixes all around

Stay tuned!.



  1. Wow, we are really looking forward to this release!

  2. Should I break my hands clapping? Really superb work...

  3. Great work! Looking forward to seeing some software ported to this lil beast. Being a stack-based architecture, the ZPU/ZPUino should be a nice target for a Forth implementation for exampl.

  4. Just polishing a few bits, planning to do the release today.