Friday, May 11, 2012

1.0.1 slightly delayed


just to let you know that 1.0.1 release is slightly delayed - It was scheduled for May 13th, but due to a few (non-technical) reasons it's now due on May 15th.

This is what is expected:

  • The multiplier and shifter are now merged together. Smaller implementation.
  • Added a new ZPU instruction, FMUL16, opcode (01h), which performs a fixed-point 16:16 multiplication. Useful for FFT and other math computations.
  • Multiplier is now signed instead of unsigned
  • SPI controller is now able to do 16, 24 and 32-bit transfers
  • UART now has a bit depicting if all transmission has ended. Needed to fix a bug when your sketch changed baudrate and it was still transmitting.
  • Updated UARTSTATUS register index on IDE
  • IDE now reports a better size for sketches, including program and code size.
  • Removed misinclusion of <new> in some headers
  • IDE can now build and include asssembly (.S) files in the sketch folder
  • SPI interface is now directly connected on most boards, so to speed up sampling.
  • Added new board (Papilio One 250 with extra 2Kb RAM). All P1 250 are compatible.
  • SmallFS was updated to use the new SPI multibyte transfer sizes.
  • A new HDL core: a 16:16 fixed point square root IP
As always, expecting your feedback.