Monday, June 20, 2011

A Sponsor Appreciation


Beta 1 will be available later today, but I would not release it before a short sponsor appreciation, which is entirely justified.

So, I'd like to give a very special thank you to Gadget Factory, and to Jack Gassett himself. They have kindly provided to me all of their hardware boards for no cost, thus helping a lot ZPUino development (I need boards to test, to develop on, and new additional hardware too). That included Papilio One 250, Papilio One 500, and some early prototypes, like Papilio Overshield and C/RAM Wing and other in-production wings, like VGA, Audio and Joystick. Development goes way more smoother when we have real hardware to test stuff on.

Jack has also been a Beta tester for ZPUino, and he even put some demonstrations online, which I also thank him very much for the time spent (and pacience).

For all this, a huge Thank You to Gadget Factory and Jack.


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