Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preparing for Alpha 4

Alpha 4 is on the forge now. I decided to release it as soon as possible, due to eventual problems with programmer (which was not updated on last images, might require you to build your own).

Also a bug related to how compiler handles 64-bit values was fixed: again, it might break some computations, like baud rates, delays, and others.

I don't think win32 port will be ready by then, but other features will make it. The most prominent one is a new interrupt controller, and two external interrupt lines you can use (edge-triggered, high or low level, using PPS). Auto-cleanup of interrupt is also working for the latter, you still need to clear interrupt bits for internal devices for now.



  1. have you read my comments concerning the WIN32 serial port baud rate in your previous post related to failing baud rates > 115200 ?

  2. I'll take a closer look. I'm not using VCP (at least I think not), so that might be the issue.

    Thanks for the posts.