Monday, April 25, 2011

Alpha 4 is out

ZPUino Alpha 4 is out.

Release Notes

* Changed the reset method to BREAK + low speed transfer. This hopefully will allow reset even when RS232 signals are noisy.
* Fix bootloader for simulation, was using deprecated methods.
* Small update for new interrupt controller
* Remove unused syscall file for bootloader


* Refactor interrupt controller. New controller uses edge interrupts, and has two external interrupt lines. Also interrupts are now masked by default.
* GPIO: allow disabling PPS on some GPIO pins, such as those who map directly on board devices.


* Clock speed was being defined as unsigned long long. This might break inline computations, so changed to unsigned long.
* Place memreg[] in lower memory, so it can be used by bootloader/sketch. Interrupts should work perfectly now (and sketches should be slightly smaller)

Papilio One

* Reorganize papilio one directory to hold different FPGA
* New bitfile for Papilio One based on S3E500

Spartan 3E Evaluation Board

* Add some more IO pins to design, to support accessing LCD and rotary encoder.

Full release notes: Release Notes
Download: Download

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