Saturday, October 16, 2010

New features, GUI first version

A new "interesting" feature is now under development, which is PPS - Peripheral Pin Select. This feature (although a LUT eater) allows you to redirect any peripheral pin (such as UART tx/rx, SPI) to any GPIO you might wish - and you can do it in run-time. Some microchip PIC include this feature, and for boards who do not actually include external devices it's always nice to be able to plug them in any connector board might provide, and redirect things like UART and SPI there.

Changes to Arduino IDE also went well - after modifying compiler rules to use standard makefiles you can actually use that same IDE to develop and even upload your "sketch" to ZPUino. Unfortunately Arduino developers do not see this "Makefile-based" build as a good thing, let's hope they do reconsider their position - everyone wins if they do.


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