Saturday, September 25, 2010

Redesigning bootloader and programmer

Redesigning bootloader and programmer right now. Last one was more a kind of example, and was definitely too specific for my Micron Flash. So the upcoming changes are:
  • Use HDLC-like protocol, protected by CRC16. This should avoid communication errors and does not add that much overhead. In the future, it might aswell be compatible with my SerPro library (full RPC).
  • Remove specifics from bootloader, move them to programmer. Programmer should be able to identify the flash chip, and choose correct operations accordingly. Page sizes and block sizes differ a lot between flash manufacturers, so the only native operations in bootloader should be READ_FAST, READ_STATUS and READ_JEDEC_ID. All other operations can be issued by programmer in a "generic" way.
Other changes include bootloader identification, flash offset (this one hardcoded in bootloader), and others I see fit while I perform implementation and testing.


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