Friday, November 12, 2010

Some updates, new boards

Some updates were pushed, most regarding the new Papilio One Board I received today (Jack: thanks again for the prototypes).

Simulator should also work now perfectly, I found some issues with endianness which are already fixed.

The Arduino IDE is also now able to program the simulator directly from IDE. It's very nice.

I'll focus on new boards from Gadget Factory, the Papilio One and the Papilio Uno :) Pretty confusing, but one is a standalone board and other is meant to be used as an Arduino Shield.

So far ZPUino uses 60% of low-end Papilio boards - this does not mean that it can only grow 40% more, means that after 100% we might need to slow down speed to use otherwise unused resources (ask me for clarification if you never heard of related logic packing).


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